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                                                                         BLOG POST 1 I am building a 3D skull to hang from the ceiling . I am going to make it out of wire, I have already built a frame. I looked for wire at home, but I couldn't find any. I looked through my house and couldn't find any that would support my project to hang from the ceiling. My solution for my problem was that M.r Ritter had some wire that I could use. I checked it out and thought it would be strong enough. I think that I did pretty good this week on my project. I got most of my frame for my skull built.                                                                          BLOG POST 2 I am almost finished with my frame. I just have a few more pieces to put on my frame. My biggest problem was that I couldn't bend the wire very easily. It was also hard to get the pieces where they need to be and stay there. I also wouldn't have enough time to put on the paper mache and paint it


Art history: Jamie Koala   She is still painting, her most famous painting is the Skull. 2. Koala usually uses acrylic in most of her paintings. 3. Jamie Koala lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago where she paints in her apartment. 4. She is still painting. 5. Jamie Koala formed her company when she was 16 years old. Her company is widely known, because she designs clothes. Her company is Koala Art $ Design . 6. The painting that inspired my work was the Euryle. 

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Blog Grading Criteria The following criteria below outlines how each blog post will be graded Blog - Each blog post must contain specific criteria: Your blog will have: Eight complete sentences with proper capitalization, punctuation, and no spelling errors. Each blog post will be about your experience while working on your project. Your blog will contain the following information: Two sentences will describe in detail a project update. “What did I do on my project?” Two sentences will explain in detail my biggest problem while working on my project. Two sentences will explain in detail the solution to my biggest problem. Two sentences that conclude your post. Here are a few suggestions to help you with your conclusion: What do I plan to do next? What materials do I need? Or a simple wrap up. Two photos or images of my project are included. You are NOT required to be in the photos. Important Information Students are required to email Mr. Ritter a link to